Do these problems resonate with you?

  • Custom solutions are time consuming, expensive and don’t integrate data correctly
  • There is no standard to working with genetic data

A lack of standards in working with genetic data has led to a variety of custom solutions which can be time consuming to design and operate, difficult to manage or integrate data, and expensive to build and maintain.

You will achieve tremendous cost reductions in building and maintaining genetic data management systems.

Our repository can help shorten the work flow and increase the accuracy of genetic data analysis. This starts with data being available in its raw format, exactly as it comes off the machine. Then, using our open API, you can write your own code to perform analysis, organize the data further, or plug-in your statistical and analytical software and tools.

Once your work is complete, you can use the sharing and collaboration tools to grant another user shared or full access to the data, immediately.

We encourage you to check out the Gene Browser for free to see just one of the features we offer to help you in your work. If you are interested in learning more, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us at