Do these problems resonate with you?

  • Large projects with multiple stakeholders are difficult to manage
  • Variety of data types in many locations hampers analysis & requires infrastructure and talent to manage

We enable saving tremendous amounts of time when coordinating large projects with multiple stakeholders. We also streamline the process of getting data to your customers or clients. As data is generated by the tools and instruments you use, it can be loaded directly and securely onto Intrepid’s servers.

Once the data is uploaded, Intrepid’s collaboration and sharing tools allow users to grant clients’ access to data, giving them shared or full control.  The data becomes available immediately, in its raw format, exactly as it came off the machine.  Further, our system parses the data so it can be viewed in our gene browser, enabling customers to view their data and begin analyzing and studying it right away without the need to ship around large disks.

We encourage you to check out the Gene Browser for free to see just one of the features we offer to help you in your work. If you are interested in learning more, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us at