Intrepid Bioinformatics offers a repository that supports NGS, SNP and genotype data in order to reduce the amount of time you spend querying and analyzing data, maintaining complex data management systems, integrating analytical programs and sharing data with collaborators.

  • Queries and analysis – problems solved faster
  • Time and effort – made more productive
  • Reliability and Results – at your fingertips

Intrepid’s system allows you to upload your genetic research data using either a simple drag-and-drop interface or programmatically through the open API. A genome browser allows you to view mappings of repeat sequences, polymorphisms, coding sequences, allele and genotype frequencies, and much more. Further, data can be analyzed by any analysis tools and software you have, enabling quick and easy bioinformatics work. Because data sets can be accessed and mined programmatically via our open API, there is no need to move large data sets back and forth, ensuring a quick and responsive method of gathering information.

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Our system is based on an Oracle® platform and offers a very high level of security, making sure your data is well protected. No unauthorized parties can access your data without your permission. If you wish to share with your collaborators, a few quick clicks can allow them to view whichever datasets you choose.

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