Our system automates time consuming manual processes, shortens work-flow, and eliminates the threat of lost data in a faster, cheaper, and better environment than existing solutions. Additionally, our system provides the functionality and community features needed to analyze the large volumes of Next Generation Sequencing and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism data which is generated for a wide range of purposes from disease tracking and animal breeding to medical diagnosis and treatment. Even though the industry produces thousands of terabytes of this data each year, its management, storage and analysis continues to be a profoundly unmet need.

Intrepid Bioinformatics serves as a community for genetic researchers and scientific programmers who need to achieve meaningful use of their genetic research data – but can’t spend tremendous amounts of time or money in the process.

  • Queries and analysis – problems solved faster
  • Time and effort – made more productive
  • Reliability and Results – at your fingertips

Key Features for all Users – Available at No Charge

Key features for Subscribers

With the simple click of a button you can invite collaborators to a project or create a community of collaborators from across the lab or across the globe – all in a highly secure Oracle database.

  • Upload your Illumina SNP Chip, .ab1 and .scf data
  • Download it back – even after curating it – in its original format, in Plink format or as a tab delimited file
  • Use our open API’s for programmatic access
  • Collaborate Securely Across the lab or across the globe!

We offer two levels of collaboration:

  • View Permission: Invite collaborators to view your private research data
  • Edit Permission: Grant permission to a collaborator to curate your private research data along with you
  • Add or remove collaborators on a moment’s notice – no need to contact us or wait for help!

Contact us at info@intrepidbio.com!