Intrepid Bioinformatics Solutions Inc., a Louisville technology company, has unveiled its newest product, a Web-based data repository and software system.

According to a news release, the new product is complemented by Intrepid’s current offering, a public database for genetic research data.

“It works much like an electronic laboratory notebook in that it enables investigators to store, view, manage, curate, share and download (research) data in a secure environment,” said CEO Tom McMahon in the release.

Users will be able to invite collaborators to a project. Users can choose from free, pay-as-you-go data upload or monthly subscription options.

Intrepid is recruiting investigators to participate in product tests. After those tests are complete, plans are to release the product for general sale.

In July, Intrepid secured $550,000 in funding.

Intrepid plans to launch its product at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference, which runs Jan. 15-19 in San Diego.

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