Yesterday we unveiled our newest product -  a web-based data repository and software system that allows researchers to privately store, curate, share and remotely access genetic research data. The new product is complemented by our current offering, a public database for genetic research data. 

Our solution, developed through a 5-year academic collaboration, provides secure, state-of-the-art SNP chip and genotype data management utilizing an Oracle®-based platform. The system is a functional, affordable, community oriented solution that works much like an electronic laboratory notebook in that it enables investigators to store, view, manage, curate, share and download data in a secure environment. 

Our genome browser shows mappings of repeat sequences, polymorphisms and coding sequences. With the our solution, a researcher can compare data sets side-by-side and identify trends in populations. 

We plan to add several fully and partially annotated genomes to our system. Currently, our data sets include fully annotated genomes on Human, Horse, Mouse & Cattle and partially annotated genomes on Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Rat, Sheep & Pig. 

We also plan to expand the types of SNP and genotype data formats that can be uploaded. Currently, we support SNP and genotype data that can be uploaded in Illumina SNP Chip, .ab1 and .scf formats. Once data is stored in our system it can be downloaded in its original format, in Plink format, or as a tab delimited file. 

We deliver our solution online as a Software-as-a-Service offering with no software to download. While affordable, our Software-as-a-Service platform offers a robust, scalable architecture running on a secure Oracle® database with open API’s for programmatic access. These open application programming interfaces allow users to tailor the system to meet their individual needs. 

Distance collaboration is a key attribute of our system. Users can invite collaborators to a project or create a community of collaborators from any location. Users may also change those collaboration settings at any time. 

The networking capabilities, flexible interface, and affordable service options are designed to encourage broad participation. Users can choose from free, pay-as-you-go data upload and monthly subscription options. 

 Yesterday Intrepid formally launched its flagship product at the 19th annual Plant and Animal Genome Conference ( in San Diego, California. 

We were founded in 2006 by Ted Kalbfleisch, Ph.D., director of bioinformatics operations with the University of Louisville’s Center for Genetic and Molecular Medicine (CGeMM) and assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the U of L School of Medicine. We were established in association with MetaCyte Business Lab (, the business development arm of the University of Louisville. 

We are actively recruiting investigators to participate in a private beta test of the Intrepid system in the next 30 days. For more information about Intrepid and the private beta test, please visit or contact Tom McMahon at, 502-212-2699 or toll free at 888-921-2248.