Our service is designed to improve how you interact with your data so that you can visualize it, perform your own analyses, and share data with collaborators, clients or even with the public.

Gene BrowserWhen you send us your SNP data, we can map it to known genomes and make it immediately available for visualization. Our gene browser allows you to examine your data all the way down to the Sanger traces. You can view polymorphisms, exons and introns, allele frequencies, and more. Further, our open API allows you programmatic access to your data in a quick and easy manner akin to a file system on your computer so that you can design your own analyses and modify any tools and software you have to work with your data on our servers.

By storing your data on our cloud, you’ll always have access to it, no matter where you go. Supported by an Oracle® Database 11gR2  (also supports Linux 5.5) backend, there will be no need to worry about which hard drive, computer, or server your data is sitting on or how you’re going to get it to your collaborators and colleagues. We’ll keep it safe, secure, and accessible only to you or any collaborators you choose to grant access to.

Prefer an in-house solution on your own servers instead of our cloud-based one? Ask about deploying our system on your servers.

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