Intrepid Bioinformatics is proud to announce the release of its new service supporting Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data (run on Oracle Database 11gR2 and Linux 5.5). This new service is designed to improve how you interact with your NGS data, ensuring a safe, secure environment in which you can freely access and collaborate on your data.

IGV visualizationWhen you send us your BAM or FastQ files, we make them available only to you on our Oracle® database and, if you choose, available to colleagues or even the public. We have enhanced the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) to utilize our database, allowing you to quickly access your data without having to download large files over and over again or ship around cumbersome hard drives. If you wish to go beyond visualization with the IGV, you can use our open API to plug in your current analysis tools or design new ones from scratch. Our web services are designed to act like a file system allowing you to query directly, so we do not get between you and your data.

Prefer an in-house solution on your own servers instead of our cloud-based one? Ask about deploying our system on your servers.

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